Hi Delton
https:// [link] put the http back together with the rest of the link I separated it to show in here
you have a discord link ??
Congrats Arc for MoM!!! HOOAH!!!
May this Christmas season bring you nothing but fond memories, happiness and laughter. Thank you for hanging with -[U|S|A]-
Special Delivery News!!

-[U|S|A]-Universal Soldiers Alliance 3rd Annual New Years Day Event!

We had a very successful first meeting for our annual New Years Day Game Giveaway Event!!
We are planning on having 3 servers going with prizes given away on each of these servers.
We will be kicking off the event on January 1st 2019, at 2 PM Eastern time.
Everyone is Welcome, and there will be lots of games to win so don't miss out!!
We would like to ask those of you who support our efforts in giving back to the community this way to think about donating to help offset the cost of getting the games.
If you decide to donate to this event please indicate along with your AAPG game name donation is for NY Event. And Thank you!!
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