We would like to honor those listed below, for the amazing members and friends of the clan that they are!!! Thank you so much for being an important part of the Universal Soldiers Alliance Family!!!


March 2019 -[U|S|A]-meckpure

February 2019 -[U|S|A]-Jugs-M|K-

JANUARY 2019 -[U|S|A]-LilManAbe1

Happy New Year

December 2018 -[U|S|A]-Arcariuscb

November 2018 -[USA]-JakeAbel

October 2018 -[U|S|A]-Chillantula

September 2018 -[U|S|A]-AirGunner

August 2018 -[U|S|A]-WhiskeyTangoFox

July 2018 -[U|S|A]-Buffalosoldier

June 2018 -[U|S|A]-Lady-Abel

May 2018 -[U|S|A]-Henrykeys

April 2018 -[U|S|A]-Bogus

March 2018 -[U|S|A]-GRIZZZLYBEAR

February 2018 -[U|S|A]-Krasherjack

January 2018 -[U|S|A]-NYPDSwat

Happy New Year

December 2017 -[U|S|A]-umerejr

November 2017 -[U|S|A]-Rocky

October 2017 -[U|S|A]-KingWar

September 2017 -[U|S|A]-xtremedelta

August 2017 -[U|S|A]-Waltrip_Jr

July 2017 -[U|S|A]-Starfighter

June 2017 -[U|S|A]-Jibbles

May 2017 -[U|S|A]-LoneWolf_X AKA Weast!!!

April 2017 -[U|S|A]-Kirzby

March 2017 -[U|S|A]-Smiley

February -[U|S|A]-JohnAbel{MEGA}

Thank you,
-[U|S|A]-Senior Admins!