Member Code of Conduct

To help -[U|S|A]- maintain some order and functionality as well as a guide for all members to represent us well to the rest of the community, these guidelines should be kept in mind:

=CLEAN BACKGROUND= We run a fair server and expect good clean fun. If you like to hack/cheat/glitch then expect to be denied membership and/or kicked/banned from our servers. Why would you want to cheat in a game? That kind of goes against our belief that games are for fun, and you will for sure ruin that for our members and other players. Also, we don't need to get a bad rep from your actions.

=AGE LIMIT= We like to relax and not babysit. This is a game for us to have fun. Therefore we have a minimum age limit of 18. Unless approved by leadership.


=Maturity=  For us to have fun, there are many things we would like. For one, we don't want to have to be babysitting each other. Act adult and don't be a total asshole. We know you have bad days and all but don't take your frustrations out on others. Get your kills in game! There are many other things for that. We as a clan and community will try to help each other though rough times.


=EASY GOING= Relax and have a good time. If this game is your life and you treat it that way, this clan may not be for you. We use this as one of our recreational activities and not for us to let drive our emotions and lives. If this happens to be your job, then remember to still have fun.

=TS AND MIC= Teamspeak is free and available for download. It allows us to communicate with each other in real time and get to know one another strengthening the community relationship. Of course to use TS you need a mic - duh! If you don't have one, get one ASAP. Get Teamspeak here:


=STEAM= Steam is a way to connect and a program that many people will need to play games.
Get Steam here:

=JOKERS= As grown ups who don't have to watch everything they say, we all like to give each other shit in a good natured way. You've all probably ragged on someone from time to time in the past and you may still be doing it. Well, if you do that, then you should expect it back from other people. If you can't handle it,then we'd advise to be quiet. Do unto others.. blah blah blah..

= R&R (Respect and Represent) = Respect is something that is earned and that means it goes both ways. If we expect to be respected, then we need to provide it just as often as we want it. Giving people little jabs here and there happens but it should be in fun and jokes. We want to have fun so don't bring an attitude and be a party pooper. When we wear the -[U|S|A]- tag, anything we say and do not only represents yourself but you represent -[US|A]- as a whole. There's raggin on people, and there's total disrespect. If you like calling people any derogatory or racist names, then you're definitely not material for this clan.

=Teamspeak Channel Usage= Teamspeak is more private and allows us to talk more "loosely" than we can in the gameservers. However the main lobby should be treated like public access. Here we should refrain from being too loose with vulgarity. If you want to cut loose(r), please go to a private channel. Private channels should be understood to be more vulgar so be warned that when you enter a private channel the material may be rated R or above.

=Forum Activity= The forums are used as a means of communication for people to use and promote a flow of information and smooth operations. It is encouraged that people check the forums regularly so that you can keep up to date with any new intel. Admins should be checking the forums regularly to ensure they are up to date on clan operations.

=Interacting on Other Servers= When we are guests on other servers, this is a big way to represent -[U|S|A]-. Don't engage in lots of juicy gossip that disrespects other clans (especially when you are playing on it!). Even though you may be privy to certain details of the clans, this may have been disclosed to you in confidence.

=Taking Arguments to TS or Private Comms= Whenever there is a disagreement about clan/server operations, keep that on TS or in the private (non-public) sections of the forums. The public does not have a need to know what inner disagreements we may have. The only things they need to know are that we are promoting a clean fun place to be and that our members are fun to be around.

=Disclosure of -[U|S|A]- Operations= What goes on inside of our clan is private and we should not be sharing things in the servers. Keep that stuff on TS or the (private) forums.

=LEGAL ACTIVITIES=  Any illegal actions/activities (for any international jurisdiction) utilizing -[U|S|A]- resources will be grounds for immediate ban. In addition, if requested, we will coordinate with any law enforcement agencies